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Katya Santos started as a cute child actress at the age of 13. Katya was the beautiful girl in Aga Muhlach's "Oki doki Doc" and the charming teenstar in television series "Ang TV". She was also a mainstay in "Anna Karenina" with the role of Carla.

She also stars in "Ang TV Movie: The Adarna Adventure" with the "Ang TV" kids. In the same year (1996) she starred in a comedy movie titled "Aringkingking" with Dolphy and Anjanette Abayari. After those movies, Katya was so in demand that she starred in various movies such as "Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig", "It's Cool Bulol", "May Bukas Pa" and others.

Then Katya Santos shocked the Philippine movies. The cute girl that started in a Kid show has grown into a sexy beautiful woman and ready to do daring roles. Katya Santos joined the Viva Hot Babes and became a sex symbol in the Philippine cinema.

Katya made some hot roles in "Sukdulan", "Sex Drive" with Maui Taylor, "Sex in Philippine Cinema Volume 2" and others. Katya and the Hot Babes were literally filling the wild imaginations of male Filipino viewers with their beauty and acting.

Katya also done some videos featuring herself and the Hot Babes such as the "Pinoy Kamasutra" which made huge sales in the market.

After the trend in bold movies slowed down, Katya Santos found herself in the modelling world. She did some modelling engagements with the "Hot Babes" before she slowly came out of the limelight. There were a lot of shows they did wherein all were sizzling hot. There was even a show where Katya wsa totallly nude in stage to the delight of the male dominated fans.

In 2009, Katya came out of hibernation and joined the cast of "Isang Lahi: Pearls From The Orient", a documentary adventure for the family together with Boy Abunda, Marissa Delgado and other premiere actors and actresses.

But Katya made a name again for herself with the Indie film "Prinsipe Sabong" with Allan Paule and Gardo Verzosa. The said film bested 59 other films in a film fest in Houston, Texas.

The film won the Gold Remi Award for Best Feature during the 42nd Worldfest-Houston Independent International Film festival. It is notable that the film beat disney/Pixar animated movie "Ratatouille".
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